All Christians are pilgrims heading to the celestial city. Bunyan was simply reflecting the Bible that he loved. Scripture affirms that Christians are pilgrims. In the paradigmatic covenant made with our father Abraham, God promised him Canaan as “the land of your sojournings” (Gen. 17:8). And in the New Testament, Peter reflects the same idea when he describes his readers as “elect exiles” (1 Peter 1:1; cf. 1:17, “the time of your exile”). Similarly, in reviewing the faithful believers of Old Testament history, the author of Hebrews refers to them as “strangers and exiles” (Heb. 11:13).

I stated in the heading that “Life is a journey and not a destination.” The context of this statement is that while we are  on earth we don’t have a destination where we must arrive. We are sojourners and as such we are simply staying in whatever place God has led us and it could very well be temporary. This is the definition  of “sojourn”—”a temporary stay.” We are like “strangers in exile.”

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